Once you create an account you can schedule a two hour pickup window with as little as one hour notice. A Replate Food Rescuer will arrive, collect your food, and drop it off at a Shelter, Kitchen, or other Non-Profit the very same day. Below is some helpful information for you to understand Replate and how we work. You can also watch this screen-capture video to walk through account creation and pickup scheduling.

Live Chat Support

Whether you’re a current donor or in the process of signing up, you can reach Team Replate from 9am - 5pm PST from the live-chat tool in the bottom left hand corner of every page on our site.

Creating an Account

Sign up here to create an account for your business and list your first pickup location.

Scheduling A Pickup

You can schedule a pickup to be one-time or recurring, allowing you to request pickups as-needed or to set a regular pickup schedule.

Two Hour Pickup Windows

When scheduling your pickup, select the beginning of your two hour pickup window. Replate offers pickup on-demand with a one hour heads up, so at noon, you can request a pickup window that starts at 1pm. A Food Rescuer will then be sure to show up between 1 pm and 3 pm.

Food Preparation

Be sure your food is wrapped tightly and prepared for transportation when your Food Rescuer arrives to pick it up. This allows us to perform your pickup more efficiently, lowering everybody’s wait times.

Pickup Cancellation

Replate has a two-hour cancellation policy. If you no longer need food picked up, log into your dashboard and click “cancel” on the corresponding pickup. Pickups canceled this way are not charged for and will not show up on your bi-weekly invoice.

If you need to cancel a pickup less than two hours ahead of its scheduled pickup window, send us a message with the live-chat tool in the bottom right corner of every page on our site. We’ll reach out to your food rescuer and let them know that there is no food for them to pick up.


Replate distributes invoices twice a month. During each invoicing period you’ll receive an email linking you to a copy of your invoice on invoiced.com. From here you can pay us with credit, debit, or ACH transfer. Once your payment method is set up, we will charge automatically when invoices are processed.

Membership Plans And Tax Deductions

Our membership plans are a great way to pre-purchase pickups for a 20% discount. Purchase pickups in bundles of 4, 12, or unlimited pickups per month. Invoicing for Membership Plans happens once-per-month at the beginning of the month. By popular request from our Donor Members, any pickups left over at the end of the month can be considered tax-deductible donations to our 501(c)-3 Non Profit Organization. 

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